ACTIVITY :: Entrepreneurship education


The entrepreneurship education provided by Opinkirjo aims to improve children’s and adolescents’ involvement and activity as future citizens  both in their personal lives and as part of their communities and society at large.

Entrepreneurship education is a part of citizenship education and the term ‘entrepreneurship’ is understood broadly. It constitutes skills pertaining to life management, interaction and self-management as well as the ability to innovate and cope with change.

Teachers may use materials and tools aimed at basic and upper secondary education free of charge as support for implementing entrepreneurship education.  The association also organises an annual writing contest on entrepreneurship, which has attracted some 1,000 young participants each year.

Opinkirjo is involved in two projects, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), that support teachers in entrepreneurship education and improve the status of entrepreneurship education in teacher education. For further information on the projects, please visit and


(updated 12.3.2012)