Entrepreneurship education can be provided in the form of clubs, because the goals in both milieus are similar. Entrepreneurship-themed clubs can draw upon the strengths of all participants, and all activities are based on collaboration. 

Clubs can be established at both lower and upper levels of basic education, because the relevant contents and activating working methods are available for all age groups.


Opening the doors to society!

Along with teachers’ networks, advantage should be taken of expertise found in homes and in schoolchildren’s recreational activities.  


In entrepreneurship-themed clubs

  • The teacher is a supervisor, enabler and designer of the learning environment
  • Activities are based on the schoolchildren’s own interests
  • The schoolchildren themselves pose the questions they wish to have answered
  • Advantage is taken of various experts, and partners are sought from outside the school
  • Club activities include simulations and real-life situations, such as excursions, role-playing and experts’ visits


(updated 12.3.2012)