School projects allow pupils to have a say in their daily lives while gaining experience in the related process and its outcomes. For instance, activities that improve the school environment bring a sense of community to the entire school.

Other school projects may include

  • organising spring or Christmas festivities
  • brainstorming and organising a sports day, or
  • organising a talent night or art exhibition


Collaborative network projects

Projects may also connect the school to larger communities. The projects may entail serving members of the immediate community or improving the wellbeing of people living far away.

Project partners may include

  • nearby schools and educational institutions
  • regional businesses
  • local civic organisations and associations 


Selecting partners

When selecting project partners, attention should be paid to the prospective partners’ public image, field and products. The mission of schools is to educate children and provide unbiased information. Teachers must ensure that advertisements and teaching materials are kept separate.

Teachers must also ensure that all matters are extensively discussed with the partners, taking into consideration different points of view.

The Finnish National Board of Education and the Consumer Agency have issued guidelines for collaboration with businesses, the use of materials, and sponsoring. The guidelines are available at the Consumer Agency website,, and the website of the Finnish National Board of Education,


(updated 12.3.2012)