ACTIVITY :: Science education


Opinkirjos science education objectives include:

  • Contribute versatile science habbits of Finnish children and young persons
  • Improve activities and educational methods
  • Contribute organizing science clubs, -camps and –weeks
  • Find out, develop and spread standards of activity where especially gifted children and young persons are supported on a long-span basis
  • Educate and support adults interested in science education on their work
  • Maintain connections between different organizations and to create nationwide net of science education
  • Be open for wide variety of cooperation models


Science clubs

Science clubs offer possibilities to

  • contribute versatile interestedness of children and young persons
  • strengthen interest toward natural sciences
  • strengthen interaction between teachers and pupils
  • tighten cooperation between different organizations

To the science club webpage (in finnish)


Learning materials for Invention Clubs

The aim of "Let´s invent more - Learning materials for Invention Clubs" is to provide tools for teachers and club advisors to excite the imaginative atmosphere and directing an inventive club. In the material we get to know the built environment by examining the basic structures in the environment. The knowledge and skills learned are applied in different problem solving exercises or solutions are developed based on own needs.

Download the material here (pdf)


(updated 12.3.2012)